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Verified Customer

Dee Lane

Their Sleep Gummies work, they really work! My husband and I are both off prescription sleeping pills, (including ambient) thanks to the wonderful Zakah Sleep Gummies.

Verified customer

Michael T

Awesome company and great products. They truly care about the people who use their products and it shows. Can't say enough great things! Plus, they have been in business since 2016, Say's a a lot!

verified customer

Ashley C

I have been using the ZL Exclusive 1500 (50mg CBD Capsules) for 5 years. My chronic pain has been eliminated because of this product. I would be in a wheel chair if I was not told about Zakah Life from a friend.

Verified customer

Shawn M

The Zakah Balms actually work! I put on my knees twice a day and no longer need medication. Excellent customer service to! I feel welcomed and treated like family!