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At, our unwavering commitment to supporting exceptional individuals who bring value and positivity to the world takes center stage. Today, we are delighted to spotlight one of our esteemed sponsors, The Fat Electrician—a renowned YouTuber whose inspiring journey from humble beginnings to YouTube sensation captivates audiences.

The Fat Electrician's Origins:

A former 68W medic, journeyman electrician, and jiu-jitsu coach, The Fat Electrician embarked on a passion-fueled journey to share knowledge and create engaging military/history content. Leveraging his skills, humor, and unique perspective, he has garnered a dedicated fan base through authenticity and relatability.

YouTube Channel and Content:

Explore The Fat Electrician's YouTube channel, @the_fat_electrician, a treasure trove of entertaining and informative videos. From practical electrician tips to humorous anecdotes and captivating history lessons, his content resonates with a diverse audience. Whether you're an aspiring electrician, a DIY enthusiast, or seeking historical insights, The Fat Electrician has something for everyone.

Support for Military Families:

Deeply valuing the sacrifice of the military community, we proudly share that The Fat Electrician actively supports both retired and active military families, aligning seamlessly with our mission at to contribute to their well-being.

Visit The Fat Electrician's website to delve deeper into his journey, explore additional content, and stay updated on his latest projects.

How You Can Support The Fat Electrician:

At, we wholeheartedly support The Fat Electrician's content. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, engage with his videos, and be part of the vibrant community he has created. Additionally, show your support by checking out his merchandise or making a donation through his platform.

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The Fat Electrician transcends being just a YouTuber; he is a positive force making a meaningful impact in the online world. At, we are honored to have him as one of our best sponsors. Join us in supporting The Fat Electrician by subscribing to his channel, exploring his website, and contributing to the valuable work he does. Together, let's celebrate individuals who bring joy, knowledge, and positivity to the world.