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A picture of the Hebrew definition of the word Zakah. copy rights to Zakah Life

In the realm of business, a name often carries more weight than one might think. It becomes a symbol, encapsulating the essence and mission of a company. This holds especially true for "Zakah Life," a name rooted in the profound depths of Hebrew meaning – a name that signifies not just high-quality CBD products but a commitment to purity, clarity, and the journey of self-cleansing.

The Hebrew Definition of Zakah:

Zakah, when translated from Hebrew, embodies a powerful spectrum of meanings: to be clean, be pure, and be clear; to make clean, make pure, keep clean, and keep pure. It extends further to convey the act of cleansing oneself, a deeply personal and transformative journey.

Cole Stegman's Journey:

At the heart of Zakah Life is a story of resilience, faith, and triumph against all odds. Cole Stegman, the visionary behind the company, emerged from a challenging upbringing in a separated family, navigating life's trials from the tender age of 16. The absence of his parents propelled him into a journey of self-discovery, where his faith grew, and his street-smart education shaped a passion for a greater purpose.

Choosing the Name Zakah:

The decision to name the company Zakah wasn't arbitrary; it was a revelation. Late one night, in the darkness that often precedes clarity, the name dropped into Cole's wife's mind. It was more than just a name; it was a calling, a recognition that their purpose was to create a haven for those seeking purity and clarity in their lives.

Living a Zakah Life:

To live a Zakah Life is to embark on a path that strives to cleanse, clear, and purify. Cole Stegman's journey, marred by the uncleanliness of life, led him to create a brand that stands as a testament to the transformative power of resilience and the pursuit of purity.

Passion for Cannabis and CBD:

Cole's passion for the cannabis plant stems from a deep understanding of the human body's endocannabinoid system. With a mission to "love the one you're with," he recognized the potential of CBD in promoting overall wellness. Zakah Life became a vessel to share this passion, offering meticulously crafted CBD products that mirror the company's commitment to purity.

Zakah Life: A Beacon of Hope:

Beyond its exceptional products, Zakah Life embodies the spirit of helping others find hope, clarity, and themselves. The name itself encapsulates the company's dedication to assisting individuals on their journey towards healing and self-discovery.

More meaning of the word Zakah in different cultures:

What is even more interesting, is that a few years after Cole and his wife Rebekah created the company Zakah Life, they began to learn that the word Zakah was not only used in the Hebrew language but was a powerful word and meaning all over the world;

In Islam:

  1. Islamic Charity and Almsgiving:

    • In Islam, Zakah is one of the Five Pillars and is considered a form of almsgiving or charity.
    • Muslims are required to give a percentage of their wealth, usually 2.5%, to help those in need, especially the poor.
  2. Purification of Wealth:

    • Zakah is also seen as a means of purifying one's wealth and acknowledging that all possessions are ultimately gifts from God.
  3. Economic Justice:

    • It serves as a mechanism for wealth distribution, fostering economic justice and social cohesion within the Muslim community.

In Judaism:

  1. Tzedakah:
    • While not directly related, the Hebrew word "Tzedakah" in Judaism shares a similar concept with Zakah, emphasizing acts of charity and justice.
    • Tzedakah is considered a moral obligation and is often linked to righteousness and social responsibility.

In Christianity:

  1. Almsgiving:
    • Christianity also emphasizes the importance of charity and helping those in need.
    • The concept of almsgiving, akin to Zakah, is found in various Christian denominations as a practice of compassion and social responsibility.

In Sikhism:

  1. Dasvandh:
    • In Sikhism, the concept of giving is reflected in "Dasvandh," where Sikhs are encouraged to contribute one-tenth of their earnings to support community and humanitarian causes.

In Hinduism:

  1. Dana:
    • Hinduism promotes the practice of "Dana," which involves charitable giving and acts of kindness to support those in need.
    • The idea is rooted in the concept of selfless giving and compassion.


Zakah Life isn't merely a business; it's a testament to the transformative power of resilience, faith, and the unwavering pursuit of purity. The name Zakah, chosen with intention and purpose, serves as a beacon guiding individuals toward a life marked by cleanliness, clarity, and a commitment to living their best, most authentic selves. In every CBD product, in every interaction, Zakah Life continues to echo its founding principles – to cleanse, clear, and create a haven for those seeking a path to wellness.

"From Soil to Hope, You are not defined as you're past, you my friend, are victorious now!"

-Cole S