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A women peacefully asleep and possibly in a REM state of sleep

In the fast-paced world we live in, a good night's sleep is often elusive. With stress, anxiety, and the demands of daily life, many turn to various remedies to find that elusive restorative rest. In recent years, cannabinoids have emerged as promising allies in the quest for better sleep. In this exploration, we delve into the science behind the positive benefits of using cannabinoids, specifically in the form of organic cherry gummies infused with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and THC under 0.3%.

The Symphony of Cannabinoids: More Than Just CBD

Organic hemp extract provides a rich source of cannabinoids, each playing a unique role in promoting relaxation and sleep. CBD, or cannabidiol, is widely known for its calming effects, while CBG (cannabigerol), CBC (cannabichromene), and CBN (cannabinol) contribute to the entourage effect, enhancing the overall efficacy of the formulation.

Terpenes: Aromatic Allies for Tranquility

Beyond cannabinoids, the organic CBD tart cherry gummy boasts an array of terpenes, and aromatic compounds found in hemp. Linalool, myrcene, pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene are not just responsible for the delightful scent of the gummy but also offer therapeutic benefits. Linalool, for instance, has relaxing properties, while myrcene is renowned for its sedative effects. Pinene may aid in respiratory function, limonene provides stress relief, and caryophyllene has anti-anxiety properties.

Supporting Cast: Magnesium Glycinate, L-Theanine, and Melatonin

In addition to cannabinoids and terpenes, our organic tart cherry gummies are fortified with ingredients renowned for their sleep-inducing properties. Magnesium glycinate helps relax muscles, L-theanine promotes relaxation and reduces stress, and melatonin, the body's natural sleep hormone, regulates the sleep-wake cycle, while also acting as an immune-boosting value add. 

How it Works: A Symphony for Sleep

The cannabinoids and terpenes in our CBD-infused cherry gummies work synergistically with the supporting ingredients to create a powerful formula for sleep. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids help regulate mood, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of calm conducive to sleep. Terpenes and additional ingredients enhance and complement these effects, creating a harmonious blend for a restorative and restful night.

Why Choose CBD Gummies?

While CBD tinctures, capsules, and patches are popular methods of consumption, the gummy form offers distinct advantages. The discreet and delicious nature of gummies makes them an enjoyable and convenient way to incorporate cannabinoids into your routine. Plus, the slower digestion process allows for a gradual release of the active ingredients, providing a sustained effect throughout the night plus a higher absorption of the active ingredients. 

Find Your CBD Gummy Near You!

If you're in search of the best CBD sleep gummy that truly works, look no further. Our organic tart cherry gummies, infused with a spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and sleep-supporting ingredients, are meticulously hand-crafted to offer a scientifically backed solution for better sleep and in most cases, without the "all too common" groggy effect the next day you find with many sleep products on the market. 

Don't let another sleepless night pass you by. Elevate your sleep experience with our premium CBD gummies and embark on a journey to rejuvenated nights and energized mornings. Invest in your well-being, and embrace the transformative power of cannabinoids and terpenes for a restful night's sleep. Sweet dreams await!

The famous ZL SLEEP | TART CHERRY CBD GUMMY is not just about a balanced and restful sleep, but also brings more homeostasis to the body the more you use the gummies. 

Homeostasisthe tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

Synergisticallyinteractively or cooperatively so that each element or party increases the effect of the other.

Full-spectrum Hemp extract: An extract from hemp bio-mass that has NOT been purged of any cannabinoids, terpenoids, and nutrients that were naturally developed in the growing process of the hemp plant.

-Cole Stegman