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A girl happy because her health is transformed and she possibly used an organic cbd product

July is Social Wellness Month, a time to focus on nurturing ourselves and our relationships. What perfect timing. We are all living a different life than we were six months ago, some more drastically than others. While many states have lifted the restrictions on quarantine, the coronavirus is still lingering (and presumably will be for a while).

Consider this post a firm reminder that your well-being isn’t going to take care of itself.

Here are three powerful ways to take charge of your health and well-being in light of Social Wellness Month.

Nurture Yourself

The most important relationship to nurture is the one we have with ourselves.

That said, everything we consume either feeds inflammation or fights it. This applies to what we eat, what we read and watch, and who we choose to spend time with.

Social isolation can feed inflammation in our minds the same way that dairy or processed sugar can feed inflammation in our bodies. Because our mental health impacts our physical health (and vice versa), we must stay educated, mindful, and active in this regard.

Our newest CBD product, CBG full-spectrum hemp capsules, does an awesome job of keeping our mental health game strong. CBG provides mental clarity and focus to those looking to support their mood and enhance energy levels. It also aids in managing the stress of daily life while keeping the body in a state of homeostasis.

Nurture Your Social Relationships

Our social support enhances our quality of life drastically. Keeping a routine schedule of checking in with the people you love and care about goes a long way in keeping your mental health strong.

Prioritize your social support system (friends, family, spouses, children, neighbors, coworkers) the same way you prioritize routine tasks like brushing your teeth, getting enough sleep, and preparing for meetings.

Turn Off Technology

This tip isn’t new, but is worth repeating. Numerous studies have shown that unplugging technology greatly benefits our mental health, our physical well-being, and our overall levels of life satisfaction.

You can support your social wellness in this way by bringing acts of stillness and silence into your day. Limit excessive use of screen time, take a break from social media, and get out in nature.


Mental health is one with our physical health. Reprioritize what’s important to you as it pertains to your happiness, and stick with it. The best way you can protect your mental health is by being proactive about it.

If you’re new to the hemp community, incorporating our CBD products into your daily routine is a safe and effective way to enhance your health. The Daily ZL 750 is an excellent starter product for anyone looking to bring balance to the body. Take a look at our full product line here to see what’s best for you. And let us know how we can make your health journey better.

Happy Social Wellness Month! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be happy.