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A picture of a fitness women stretching and adding value to her wellness, because wellness matters.

Everything we do relates to our well-being. For our bodies to be in top wellness shape, our mental, emotional, and physical health must be in alignment with one another. No shortcuts and no excuses — wellness matters.

Wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. It’s one thing to “get into” wellness for the sake of a better body or a better mood. It’s quite another to stay in that optimal state of well-being.

This is where Zakah Life comes in.

If you’re new here, this is the gist of Zakah Life:  Zakah Life is built on the foundation of hope — hope for better health, and a better life. The ZL brand story is one of tragedy to triumph, with the company’s founder and owner, Cole Stegman, reaching rock bottom in his life (multiple times over), coming out on top because he chose to do so.

How does wellness relate to Zakah Life and its products?

In Cole’s words, “Many of us suffer from multiple issues that I believe stem from two main things: (1) Past trauma that has not been worked through and (2) Nutritional deficiencies, including cannabinoids deficiencies.”

Zakah Life focuses intently on creating the purest possible hemp products to help bring the body to homeostasis by regulating cannabinoid deficiencies.

“Each person at ZL is there for one another to be an ear for venting, to let each other know we are not alone,” Cole said. “We see it over and over. Loving humans is extremely healing. This is what we mean when we say, ‘living a zakah life.’”

The cherry on top in bringing mental clarity to another person, should they need it, is a wellness aid, like our brand new product, the ZL Elite 1800. This product is comprised of two ingredients and is completely organic.

What makes ZL products top quality?

To us, top quality is the equivalent of a company going above and beyond to ensure everything, from the farm to the facility to the entire production chain, is in alignment with federal and state laws, keeping the health and safety of the consumer front of mind.

Top quality means we carefully grow our hemp plants in our probiotic soil, adding no additional harmful inputs. Ever. In essence, we take care of the soil, and the soil takes care of the plants, resulting in a premium quality product.

Products aside, top quality is simply caring about what people put inside their bodies, paying deep attention to detail, and never allowing a product to be created that is not in alignment with our core value of honesty.

The extraction process

Our patented extraction process is one of purity and safety. In a nutshell, our dilution patent is just that — dilution.

Zakah Life takes its genetics, which is grown and harvested in our probiotic protocol (above organic), diluting the biomass into two lipid-based carriers — (1) organic coconut oil and (2) MCT (medium chain triglyceride). This leaves the original and naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids that were in the exact, existing genetic. Thus, hand-crafting the products in-house, under our strong SOP’s with these two lipids.

Because the structure hasn’t been altered, this results in a truly purified product — exactly how the plant was grown for the optimal therapeutic effects in the human ECS (endocannabinoid system).

The difference between Zakah Life’s extraction process and everyone else’s is this:

We don’t spend millions on machinery to create what everyone else is doing. We don’t buy different cannabinoids from outside vendors to make “blends” — and lie to the consumer saying it is full-spectrum. Our full-spectrum hemp oil is our own.

We don’t change the structure of the plant, because that would result in the plant losing its carbons needed to act at its full, therapeutic index. Zakah Life does not purge any structure.

Our process eliminates any residual and harmful contamination elements that might have seeped into the soil or plant during the growing process.

Our process is also eco-friendly and saves massively on the world’s energy, waste management, and unnecessary costs typically found in other manufacturers of extraction. We never use a chemical. Period.

How does wellness relate to COVID-19?

Because this is a hot topic right now (and will be for a long time), we thought we’d give you our take on the coronavirus, as it can pose a threat to anyone’s health.

COVID-19 destroys a person’s immune system, causing a rare inflammatory response that hurts, or even kills, a human of lesser immune strength.

In short, hemp health is good health. We all have inflammation in our bodies to some extent, but the people hit hardest with inflammatory issues have one or more of these culprits getting in the way:

1. Cannabinoid deficiency

2. Processed food

3. Trauma (psychological and/or physical injury) from the past

4. Stresses

ZL products promote a pre-regimen to restore cannabinoid deficiencies that play a vital role in keeping the body balanced. ZL products in no way prevent or treat the coronavirus. Utilizing our products does assist in keeping the body’s immune system in its best shape, and we’re happy to clear anything up on that front that you might not fully understand.

Be safe, stay healthy

From the Zakah Life team to all of you, be proactive about your health and stay safe during this uncertain time and beyond. More than anything, we encourage you to be smart about your lifestyle choices. We’re here to guide you along that path.

As Cole says, “You live to give. Your heartfelt motive is what will take you to the right places.”